Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I add my business or organization to the site?

A: Business owners, managers, etc can add their own business to the site by going to this page. Once you fill it out, we will verify it's not spam and then will publish the page. If you left an email address in the contact information, we'll also create you a login.

Q: Can I add my favorite restaurant, market, etc to the site?

A: Yes, you can! Anyone can fill out the form. Please try to ensure the information you're inputting is accurate - I'll often times grab info from their Facebook page if they have one, as places seem to be updating that regularly. You don't have to fill out all the fields, just do as much as you can. I recommend then letting the business know that you've added them and that they can update it themselves if they contact us to get a login.

Q: How do I update my page?

A: Each business can get a login that is linked to their page and allows them the ability to update their page. Only one login per page, though, as we can only assign one author to a page. Contact us here on the site or PM Jenni Simonis on Facebook.

Q: What if I never received information about my login, but the page I submitted has been published?

A: You can go to the forgot my password page, enter your email address, and it will send you a link you can use to set your own password and login.

Q: Can I tell others about your site?

A: Yes! Please do. There are thousands of businesses out there that we'd love to have on this site, but we only have a small number of those right now. We need everyone letting their favorite businesses know about the site.

Q: Is there any charge to participate in this site?

A: No, it is 100% free. We covered the hosting, URL, developer time, logo creation, etc. It's a public service we offer to the area in this time of need. We are not selling ads, premium access, etc.

Q: I live in a different area of the state/country. Can you build me a site like this?

A: Yes, just use the contact us page to get in contact with us. There will likely be small expenses for a URL, hosting, etc.